Firefighter Fan

Fire Department fans at Airclean Safety Products If you are looking for Fire fans that are powerful and fully rely on you, you have found us with the right suppliers and manufacturers. Airclean Safety Products takes many years the place of one of the leading manufacturers of Ex fans.

Even for fans, we are already on fire many years, experts and produce devices that support you optimally in your missions. With Airclean Safety Products You will therefore find a very competent partner for all devices and services related to air pollution. So we are also specialized in Ex-vacuum cleaners, pressure washers, air Ramfan and flexible hoses and offer services such as the ventilation shaft and Dehumidifiers hire.

Our firefighters are very powerful fan, smoke-filled rooms or houses so that you quickly make smoking or not smoke-filled areas of the building to keep smoking. Press a fan of Fire Safety Products Airclean highly effective smoke from the building and thus prevent the passage of ignited flue gases.

Electrically powered High performance Fire fan

Model AC 18000

Plastic coated steel frame
Protectiont: IP 65
Engine: 230 V/50 Hz/ 1,7 kW
Weight: 36 kg
Hose connection: DN 400
Performance: 16500 m³/hr

Petrol powered High performance Fire fan

High performance Fire fan (powered by water)

High performance Fire Fan with 105 000 m³/hr

- for shopping centers, warehouses and other industrial buildings
- Continuous adjustment of the fan from - 10 to + degree slope
- Honda 17 kw V-Twin Motor with oil alarm protection, E Start, 12V DC alternator
- hourmeter