Ex Venturi blowers

Rental and sale of ventilation systems and heating equipment for full-scale shutdowns
Conforms for Ex zones 0,1,2 21 and 22

Compressed-air operated tank venting system for external use. These Venturi systems are perfectly suited for blast protected venting of rooms, storage tanks, processing columns and reactors. The Venturi systems also represent an ideal solution for extracting vapour during welding in closed rooms or storage tanks. The equipment is made of stainless steel (1.43.01) and can be used for operating pressures in excess of 2.5 bars.


Since they include no moving or rotating parts, these Venturi systems are maintenance and fault-free.

exventilatoren druckluft venturiluefter

Venting systems (compressed air)

Technical details (at 4 bars)

extraction hoses
antis hoses in all diameters and lengths.

Auer exhaust

Conforms for Ex zones 0,1,2 21 and 22

Auer exhaust for use with compressed air or saturated vapour
- Shockproof, antistatic Mixer from Polyetheylen
- Cylindrical mixing chamber for higher Mixing instalments
- With earthing cable and manometer on request
- No flexible parts, low maintenance effort

Technical data (at 5,5 bars)