The Company

Airclean Safety Products, which has offices in Mönchengladbach, Germany and in the Netherlands, has for many years been one of Europe's leading manufacturers of air purification systems for industry, to prevent the formation of explosive air mixtures.

We manufacture ATEX fans/EX fans, Auer fans, fans and submersible pumps for the fire service, EX vacuum cleaners, EX dehumidifiers, flexible hoses, exhausters, and many more items, all to exacting quality standards.

The products of Airclean Safety at a glance:
- ATEX/EX fans
- Axial/radial fans
- Axial/radial fan exhausters
- Compressed air vacuum cleaners
- Floor cleaning machines
- Pressure washers
- Oil/solvent cleaners
- Fans for the fire service
- Submersible pumps for the fire service
- EX vacuum cleaners
- EX fans for hire